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Kaylee from Richland Center, WI

Received a free sample and loved it

I got a free sample of Bullet from pinchme.com and I loved it. It was quick, easy and it worked. I bought some more online and it’s priced very reasonably. The bad thing I can think of is that I can’t find it for sale in any stores near me. I wish it were sold by more retailers.

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Jess from San Francisco, CA

It’s a mini!

Its about chapstick size so I can carry it in my bag and dab it on between classes. It goes on clear. Yessss!

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Helen from New York, NY

Working for me

I wish I had one of these Bullets when I was studying for finals last spring. I was breaking out like crazy. I tried it out this summer and it works.

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Lindsey from Calabasas, CA


I was using the kits, but I couldn’t keep up with the routine. Plus, it dries out my skin. So I found Bullet online and it’s so much easier to use.

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Reiko from New York, NY

I keep it with me all the time

I have a pretty high stress job, so I keep one in my purse all the time.  It’s about the size of a lipstick.  When I feel a breakout coming, I put some on right away.  I don’t even leave my desk or the office.  So it’s pretty easy and simple.  In a day or two, I’m usually good.  Thanks!

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Chris from Boise, ID

Super fast and convenient

I love this product!  I hop out of the shower, put on some Bullet, and I’m out the door.  Done!  At work, if I feel a pimple coming on, I use it.  And at night at the gym, after a workout, I reapply it to my face without any hassle.  Can you say easy?

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Lena from Chicago, IL

Very happy- would definitely recommend

Even though I am in my 40’s I still get acne here and there.  Sometimes when I tried other products, it left a white residue or dried up my skin.  I also have tried some of those kits with the cleanser, toner and moisturizer.  That got to be really expensive.    Being a busy mom, I was horrible at doing all of the steps every day.   Bullet Acne Aid is more of a clear gel and goes on really smooth. My skin is a bit sensitive and initially there was a slight itchy sensation, but then it went away after a few applications.  I put Bullet Acne Aid in the spot areas that I tend to get acne as well as when I feel some irritation (like the start of one coming). If I catch it early enough, it seems to help prevent the pimple from getting worse and inflamed.  This is a big deal since before when I would get a pimple, it would take weeks and sometimes months before the pigmentation would get back to normal color.  I’m very happy with Bullet Acne Aid and would definitely recommend it to anyone to try, especially if you are really busy like me!  It’s easy to carry around in my purse and so much less expensive than other acne products.

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Hideo from New Berlin, WI

Works well, more calm

I like Bullet Acne Aid simply because it works well for me. My face is more calm and I don’t have to constantly squeeze the affected areas.

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Josiah from Milwaukee, WI

Under control

I’ve had acne on and off for the past couple of years, especially on the forehead and around my nose.  When I tried the Bullet Acne Aid, it seemed to work really well to prevent acne from getting out of control.   When I first put it on, I think I put on too much.  It  feels a bit oily but after a little while it absorbed into the skin.  It’s very uncool to have acne as a teenager so I’m glad that I found something that keeps it under control.

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An Tran from Naperville, IL

Instant Improvements at Convenient Times

This product is really useful when I want a quick fix or when I’m in a pinch for time for important events. I occasionally when I get to bed and use the bullet on any zip I see on my face. Although it doesn’t prevent any future acne problems like most other solutions, the bullet is probably the best one out there in terms of effectiveness and time.