BULLET was created out of frustration with current formulations in the market, which are backed by aggressive marketing campaigns, are overly complicated, and prey on the customer’s general lack of scientific knowledge.  Moreover, today’s products are often harsh on the skin, or potentially harmful to the body, to the degree that the side effects become a larger issue than the actual problem itself.

BULLET, in contrast, believes in a simple, natural approach that works with the body and its natural metabolic process.  Relying on classical principles of pharmacokinetics (how drugs are absorbed and interact with the body), BULLET uses ingredients that are natural or body friendly, meaning most of the ingredients are naturally derived, or already exist naturally in your body (endemic).  The use of natural or endemic ingredients leads to products that are non-foreign, gentle and welcoming to the body and skin, while providing all the necessary strength and power.

Furthermore, BULLET products are designed to be multifunctional, meaning that several critical functions are combined in one product, reducing the need for cumbersome and time-consuming multi-step regimens that characterize many brand name products.  This revolutionary all-in-one approach creates skincare aids that are simple, natural, and portable, saving the consumer much time, space, and money.